Why move to Montana?

It's called the last best place for a reason

The state might have changed a little since you've left, but the things you've loved remain. There are the wide-open spaces, supportive communities, a lower cost of living and plenty of recreational opportunities. See why else remote workers have chosen to call Montana home, again.

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Rediscover Montana

Whether it's the open spaces, your family or a new community that calls you home, Montana is waiting to welcome you.

a great place to raise a family

Monica always knew her path would lead her back to Montana. Now that she and her family have returned, she can’t imagine raising her kids anywhere else.

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Hard work is valued in Big Sky Country, no matter how you make a living. Learn how we’re making remote work easier for those returning home.

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Once you leave, it’s easy to see how nothing quite compares to life in Montana. Rediscover the qualities and offerings that draw people back home.

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